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“It's always so much better going to sleep at night knowing that that day you made a positive impact, however big or small, on someone else's life. Volunteering grants you a certain sense of peace and happiness you can't find anywhere else.”

— Zarifa Barkatullah, OSV Leader

“While financial giving does help people, giving your time to serve others has the ability to make an even larger impact on individuals and the community as a whole. There are so many areas of need near UTD that could be greatly helped by a few people giving their time.”

— Amanda Karasic, OSV Leader

“Service means bonding with like-minded people to give back to a community that has done so much for us. This commitment can mean a lot to both the people making a change, and the people whose lives are changed as a result.”

— Vidya Mohanraj, OSV Leader

“Volunteering isn't just a way to give back to a community. It's an opportunity to learn more about the community, and also about yourself as a person.”

— Justine Sheu, OSV Leader

"Volunteering is amazing in that it has a butterfly effect. No matter what you do, others can be inspired by your words and actions to serve in their own way. In turn, their service inspires other and this mentality continues to spread forever."

— Lynn Vu, OSV Leader

“I really love volunteering because it allows you to connect with your community and make an impact on it. I find community service to be both relaxing and energizing; it's one of my favorite ways to take my mind off of my own needs and wants and to focus on others.”

— Lilian Zhan, OSV Leader

OSV Staff

Mark Este.

Mark Este



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Kavita Nokku.

Kavita Nokku

Assistant Director

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Lacey Garner.

Lacey Garner

Administrative Project Coordinator


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Logan Swafford.

Logan Swafford

Program Coordinator


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OSV Student Leaders

The mission of the OSV Student Leadership Program is to train students to actively engage in, support and promote volunteerism and community service. Through this program, OSV Student Leaders learn to effectively coordinate and facilitate a broad range of on and off campus service projects throughout the year for UT Dallas students, as well as provide resources for students to learn more about how to respond to the needs of our neighbors in the Dallas county and surrounding communities.

Jaida Holley.

Jaida Holley

Visual and Performing Arts major

Khadeeja Moosa.

Khadeeja Moosa

Child learning and development major

Vaishnavi Rao.

Vaishnavi Rao

Computer Science major

Christy Nguyen.

Christy Nguyen

Accounting major

Laura Pinto.

Laura Pinto

Computer Engineering major

Quynh Nguyen Phuong Dang.

Quynh Nguyen Phuong Dang

Finance major

Riana-Lynn Kansakar.

Riana-Lynn Kansakar

Accounting major